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Sony News & Product Highlights

  • BRC-Z330 - Affordable HD CMOS P/T/Z Camera
  • EVI-HD7V and EVI-HD3V - High Def Color PTZ Cameras
  • New GigE Camera Series
  • Sony Firewire Camera
  • Sony Introduces New XCL-U100 High Resolution Power Over Camera Link (POCL) Video Camera
  • Sony Announces New FCB-EX20D and FCB-EX20DP Color Block Cameras
  • Sony FCB-H11 High Definition Color Block Camera
  • Sony 2nd Generation of Smart Cameras: XCI-V100, XCI-V100C, XCI-SX100, XCI-SX100C
  • Sony Unveiling 2nd Generation of Smart Cameras at The Vision Show
  • Sony Introduces New XCL-5005 & XCL-5005CR - 5 Mega Pixel PoCL Digital VIdeo Cameras
  • Sony Introduces New SNC-RX Series Network Camera
  • Sony Enhances Lineup of Intelligent Security Cameras At ISC West 2008
  • Sony's High Definition Block Camera
  • Sony Introduces New FCB-EX11D/DP Color Block Cameras
  • Sony XC-505 and XC-505P Color CCD Cameras
  • Sony Will Be Exibiting at the ITS World Congress 2010 - Intelligent Transportation Society of America - Booth # 169 - May 3 - 5 2010, Houston, TX
  • Sony Introduces New XCG-SX99E High Speed GigE Camera
  • VMI To Exihibit at the Aero Engineering 2010 Show - November 2&3 - Pasadena Convention Center
  • Sony Introduces New FCB E Series Block Camera
  • Sony Introduces New FCB-EH4300 HD Block Camera
  • Sony XCD-MV6 - Miniature 1394.B Monochrome Digital Camera
  • Sony New EVI Series!: Press Release
    *Sony EVI-D80 18x PTZ camera
    *Sony EVI-D90 28x SD PTZ camera
    *Sony EVI-H100S 20x Full HD PTZ Camera with HD-SDI
    *Sony EVI-H100V 20x Full HD PTZ Camera With DVI Interface
  • Sony Announces New FCB-EH6300
  • Sony Announces New FCB-EX15E/P
  • Sony Announces New FCB-EX12E/P
  • Sony FCB-EH3300 20x HD Block Camera
  • Sony FCB-EH3400 28x HD Block Camera
  • Sony New Raw Color GigE Camera Series - XCG-U100CR & XCG-5005CR

  • Sony FCB-SE600 1/2.8 12x HD Block Camera
  • Sony Monochrome High Speed GigE Camera

    Toshiba News & Product Highlights

  • Toshiba IK-HR1H Ultra Small HD 1090i/720p CMOS Remote Head Camera
  • Toshiba Introduces Their Third Control Unit For The Remote Head IK-HD1H
  • Toshiba Imaging’s New High Resolution, Remote Head 3CCD Camera
  • Toshiba Imaging's High Def Cameras Capture Toshiba Space Chair
  • Toshiba IK-HR2D 1/3" CMOS HD Camera With USB2 Port
  • Toshiba Announces Discontinuation of the IK-53V

  • Toshiba Teli News & Product Highlights
  • Toshiba Teli Provides Complete Turn Key Systems
  • Toshiba Teli T24MSA001-MD Medical Grade Monitor
  • Toshiba Teli Introduces New Line - Giant Dragon - High Speed, GigE Cameras

  • Hitachi News & Product Highlights
  • Hitachi Introduces HV-HD201 HDTV Camera

  • Discontinued Products
  • Discotinuation of FCB-H10 HD Block Camera
  • Discontinuation of XCI-SX1 and XCI-V3 Cameras
  • Discontinuation of First Generation Smart Camera Accessories
  • Discontinuation of Sony XCL-V500 and XCL-X700 Camera Link Cameras
  • Discontinuation of Sony's XCL-5000 B/W 5 Mega Pixel Video Camera
  • Discontinuation of FCB-PV10 and FCB-PV480 Block Cameras
  • Sony Announced Discontinuation of XC-555 and XC-555P
  • Toshiba Announces Discontinuation of the IK-53V
  • Toshiba Discontinues IK-TU51CU and IK-TU61CU Camera Control Units

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